Inner-Views With Evolutionary Leaders

Where Taboo Topics &
Fresh Ideas Emerge

Provocative and insightful exploratory inner-views with leaders in a variety of specialties who have first-hand experience with topics that most people don’t dare approach, much less unpack. Put aside your points-of-view for a few minutes, or forever, and join us for a mind-stretching and awareness expanding adventure through planetary events and beyond.

If you are attached to any religious or political doctrine, and not willing to expand beyond your beliefs, this is NOT the show for you. 

True Connection

Have you been looking for answers to questions so big you felt that the answers simply couldn't exist? There is so much that has been hidden in plain sight that we will uncover together.

Planetary Unity

The guests are coming to the forefront to share their vulnerability and experiences in order to let you know that we are all in this together.


It's time to call home all of those aspects, pieces and fractures of you that have been missing so that you can create your life using your greatest strengths and capacities. 


Your Host

Sheen, has been on an awareness journey for decades and has as diverse background. She started her professional journey on the path to becoming an on-air journalist yet quickly saw through the manipulation of news in the industry and changed direction. Her love of connecting with people globally led her to an international importing company where she interacted with people from many nations. Her next adventure led her into motherhood, where she devoted the next joy-filled and challenging twenty plus years while also growing a home-based, international business that combines natural medicines and traumatic memory healing.

Coming full-circle, she is now diving deep into stimulating inner-views with engaging leaders, world-wide, to commune with her audience, which will provide enlightening insights into taboo topics. 


Stretch Yourself & Reach Past Your Comfort Zone

We are diving deep, way deeper than you may have imagined going before. When you allow yourself to put your points of view aside, magic happens. Where are you willing to go?



A variety of topics will be covered in online workshops. Stay tuned for the exciting adventure!

You ARE inner peace, harmony, acceptance & love...

Our guests will be guiding you on an awareness journey to assist you in re-membering your wholeness. Nothing you require, for your evolutionary experience, is outside of you.


Soul, Spirit  & Body

Let's discover, together, how you can exponentialize your greatest team!

The Power of Your Body

Your body provides you with messages on what supports it best every day. The more you turn inside out, the more you will become in-tuned with all of you, including your amazing vessel called your body.

How do you know when it's your authentic, natural body giving you signals and not something outside of you?
Are you willing to have a co-creative relationship with your body?
What are you choosing to do to show your body more love every day?

Transformation of Emotions

Sheen Will Teach You Techniques That CAN Alleviate Pain and Painful Memories in Seconds! 

Learn more here! 

Chakra Closure

Sheen Will Guide You Through a Proven Chakra Closure Technique That CAN Alleviate Emotional Upheaval and the Continual Need to Balance Energy Centers!

Learn more here!

Integrating All Parts of You

Learn How to Quickly Integrate Parts, Pieces and Fractures of Yourself That Have Been Hidden For Years!

Learn more here!


Opening that area within you, where your soul resides, gives you access to all of you.


You & Me

Each inner-view will be a deeply personal journey that you will be embarking on with your host and each guest.

Eye-Opening Dialogue

Be ready for the possibility of creating a new way of looking at your reality.

Stimulating Communion

Each episode will provide you with truly tools for you to use to create more ease and joy in the adventure we call life on Earth! 


Re-membering that we are all connected and have a deep relationship with our planet, the sun, the galaxy and the Universal creator.

Let's Journey Deeply Together 

I'm waiting, we are all waiting, for all of you to show up. Are you ready?

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