Peter Wilson is back with more goodness relating to how to wake up within the system, that many don’t even know they have been enslaved into and he is sharing the pragmatic tools you can use today to liberate yourself permanently! 

Peter’s career as a warrior for liberty spans many years and he is also a martial arts school owner from the UK who joined the Royal Navy where he specialized in weaponry and trained as an armourer. 

He spent 5 years in the military serving 3 seagoing deployments, 2 of which were in war zones. He has trained in multiple martial arts and holds several black belts. 

Peter has had over 250 amateur fights in both boxing and kickboxing plus 23 professional fights appearing on TV in the UK, France, Spain and Italy, plus live on Sky Sports.
During all this time he has done in depth studying of common law, admiralty law and the Uniform Commercial Code.   He has discovered a tremendous amount of fraudulent activity that is being perpetrated by banks, lawyers and governments worldwide.   
He has also discovered remedies that can be utilized by people to free themselves from government enforced slavery.   Today we are going to discuss what you can do to permanently reclaim your sovereignty on all levels of your existence!

Peter Wilson's website with documents to claim your strawman
Peter Wilson's YouTube Channel

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