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Have you wondered why creating or improving your life can be so hard? Or even if you have had great success in your life, why you just can’t seem to break through those last few blocks?  We are told by motivational speakers and new age spirituality that what is stopping you is only “you”. That you just have to change your mindset or put the correct positive intention out into the Universe, and you will achieve your dreams.   But what if what is stopping you is something completely different?

Join  Sheen as she inner-views Max Icon Riggs as he shares what is really stopping you.  Hidden energetic resistance – even energetic forces - that are resisting you, stopping you, from achieving your full potential.  Once you know where to look, plus a few simple energetic tools to remove this resistance, you will finally break through your blocks and become the you, you have always wanted to be!

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Join Max live on FB very Monday at 9:00am Pacific with new energetic releasing to clear what is in your way from having a good or even great week.

As a thank you for listening to this podcast episode, you can download Max's latest Energetic Releasing Audio for free.  In this mp3, he has embed the energetic releasing and clearing work he does.

Just by listening to this 6 minute “Recent and Reclaim” audio you can quickly release and remove upsets and emotions that challenging times (or even just daily life) can bring up.

Just go to for your Free Recenter and Reclaim – Energetic Releasing Audio.

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You ARE inner peace, harmony, acceptance & love...

Our guests will be guiding you on an awareness journey to assist you in re-membering your wholeness. Nothing you require, for your evolutionary experience, is outside of you.

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