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Join Sheen as she inner-views Jaden Fox who is sharing his discovery of manipulated, implanted memories that have been created to twist you all up and limit you from creating a life filled with ease and magic! Take your awareness adventure to an even more expanded level, if you dare, and find out if you may not be the being that originally landed on this planet as a baby! What?!?

65-70% Aware-Conscious-Spiritual humans have had a Walk-in! Is life super challenging & weird? If so, chances are you may have hidden walk-in complications to detangle!

Indicators you’ve had a walk-in transition: 

  • have incomplete memories of your childhood (parts missing, or incomplete)
  • had dramatic life changes (career, relationship, location, name, etc)
  • not as connected to your family or friends anymore (feeling more distant)
  • had a major accident (or illness) and life changed afterward
  • you try, but can’t make sense of your past
  • thought of being born a baby doesn’t sound fun 

Signs that something went wrong: (got tangled up)

  • not being able to make decisions, difficulty choosing or creating
  • not sure who you are, life feels confusing or blurry
  • have times when nothing is important or matters
  • you don’t know what your passions or interests are, life is flat
  • feelings of wanting to die or “be done here” 
  • one day you sense a hopeful future, the next day you want to die

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You ARE inner peace, harmony, acceptance & love...

Our guests will be guiding you on an awareness journey to assist you in re-membering your wholeness. Nothing you require, for your evolutionary experience, is outside of you.

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