Christina Schwind joins Sheen as a leader in the field of multidimensional exploration to commune on the topics of Sasquatch, Exo-Species, Dreamtime and Ayahuasca! Christina is a new paradigm visionary and multidimensional accelerator who uses her unique approach to guide other  multidimensional beings through the adventure of  advancing their psychic, intuitive perceptions and talents. For 20 years she has experimented with activating deep healing alternate states of awareness and began her work with indigenous record keeper Barbara Hand Clow.

Christina created a multidimensional activation process, which led her down a rabbit hole of experiences with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings. Today Christina does her part to our assist our awakening world cultivate healthy autonomous exo-species relationships so humanity can step into their role as sovereign creator beings of this planet again.

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InstaGram MultiDimensionalAccelerator

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